Be there, be everywhere with FlexPod   


It’s no secret that IT infrastructure is key to your customers’ business success. But, in a hybrid cloud world, with high-performance, high-stakes workloads, supporting your clients, as a service provider, is no mean feat.


When your clients say jump, you say how high. And, when they want to pivot, you need to be able to change direction in an instant. In short, your supporting IT infrastructure needs to be here, there and everywhere.


With FlexPod you can be.


  Be There. Be Everywhere.  


Our flexible consumption model – FlexPod as a Service – helps you to simplify your client’s journey to the hybrid cloud. With cloud-like elasticity and additional capacity on demand, you can count on non-disruptive upgrades and ease of moving data as clients’ needs evolve.


With FlexPod, cost matches usage, so you’ll not only save your client’s money, but you’ll lower you operational spend too. Win win! FlexPod gives you intelligent insights, so you can optimize costs and performance on the fly.


We understand that infrastructure shouldn’t get in the way of innovation – it should enable it. FlexPod, built on advanced technology from Cisco and NetApp, gives you unmatched automation capabilities to allows you to scale and deploy apps with little to no downtime.


Whether your customer’s workloads run at the edge, core or in the cloud they need to be secure. FlexPod’s end-to-end security is trusted to keep your customer’s data safe and protected across all workloads, technologies and deployments.



FlexPod’s insights, as well as intelligent automations will make it easier for you than ever before to manage your customer’s IT infrastructure. As and when their needs change the flexible platform will help you adapt to any type of hybrid cloud model, suitable for any application or workload to offer seamless support.


As a Service Provider your key differentiator is, well… your service. Your clients need to know they can trust and rely on you to keep their data safe, secure and always on. You need an infrastructure you can rely on to do the same. Flexpod’s industry-leading converged infrastructure is proven to deliver a service you can rely on.


While your clients rely on your expertise, you can rely on ours. FlexPod technology combines the decades of experience and specialist knowledge of both Cisco and NetApp experts – trusted by thousands of customers globally.